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هل تعرف آخر صفقات السلاح التي قامت مصر بتوقيعها


صفقه CHAPARRAL MISSILES لمصر بعدد 300 MISSILES موديل MIM-72G اجمالي تمن الصفقه 38977200مليون$ الصفقه

الصواريخ التي يعتمد عليها نظام الشابرال هيا صواريخ المطوره من aim-9d ليتم اطلقها ارض-جو

مصر تتعاقد علي غوصات دولفين مع المانيا

طلبت وزاره الدفاع المصريه

عدد 5 من غوصات دولفين

Dolphin-class submarines

ستصل قيمه الصفقه 1800 مليون دولار مليار و 800 مليون

واسرائيل ابدت قلقها البالغ من تسليم المانيا نفس نوع الغوصات الي مصر

غواصات دولفين من اقوي غوصات الديزل في العالم ان لم تكن اقواهم

كانت لمصر السيطره ومازال للان السيطره البحريه بالمقارنه مع اسرائيل بفارق شاسع عدا جزء الغوصات في الحاضر القريب

لكن الان عاد الميزان ليكون باكتساح للبحريه المصريه للسيطره في البحر المتوسط والاحمر

Israel worried about possible German sub sale to Egypt
/servlet/Satellite?cid=1226404771497&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FSho wFull
Israel is increasingly concerned that Germany might sell Dolphin-class
submarines to Egypt, top defense and political officials told The Jerusalem
Post on Tuesday.
Cairo, officials said, has opened talks with Berlin aimed at having the
Egyptian navy purchase several Dolphin-class submarines, regarded as one of
the top diesel-powered submarines in the world.
Egypt is apparently interested in upgrading its aging submarine fleet,
though officials regard it as strange that Cairo is looking to buy exactly
the same submarine that Israel operates.
Israel currently operates three Dolphin-class submarines made in Germany.
The construction of two more submarines - ordered following the Second
Lebanon War in 2006 - is scheduled to be completed by 2010.
According to foreign media reports, Israel's submarines are capable of
launching a "second strike" in the event of a nuclear attack against Israel.
The Dolphin-class submarines are the most expensive platforms in the IDF's
arsenal. Germany donated the first two submarines to Israel as a gift after
the first Gulf War, and split the cost of the third.
The three submarines in the Israeli fleet work on a diesel-electric
propulsion system that requires them to surface after relatively short
periods underwater to recharge the batteries that keep them running when
The two Israeli submarines under construction will be fitted with a new
German technology that combines a conventional system of a diesel generator
with a lead acid battery, and an air-independent propulsion (AIP) system,
used for silent slow cruising, with a fuel cell equipped with oxygen and
hydrogen storage.
Defense officials said they were concerned by Egypt's request to purchase
the German submarines.
Egypt's navy has a larger fleet than Israel, including a number of large
frigates and four Soviet-made Romeo-class submarines.
Likud MK Yuval Steinitz, a former chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs
and Defense Committee, said that if the deal went through, the balance of
power in the Middle East would be affected.
With the new submarines, Egypt would be able to covertly collect
intelligence against Israel, he said.
"The Egyptian fleet is already three times bigger than the Israeli fleet
except for one platform - submarines - which we both have approximately the
same number of, although ours are clearly more advanced and efficient," he
said. "If such a deal takes place, this will have a real impact on the sea
power in the Mediterranean."
Steinitz said the German Dolphin-class submarine was one of the best in the
world and would give the Egyptians the ability to close major ports and sea
"It is also almost impossible to prevent an attack from a submarine," he

Cairo, officials said, has opened talks with Berlin aimed at having the Egyptian navy purchase several Dolphin-class submarines, regarded as one of the top diesel-powered submarines in the world.
[size=16][size=21]مصر والسعوديه بصدد توقيع صفقه am-9x بعد ان ابدت الولايات المتحده موافقتها بيعه في الوقت الحالي لمصر وتملكه لدول عربيه وذكرت مصر والسعوديه



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